Thursday, April 17, 2014

A BOY AND A GIRL, AN ALBUM the full quilt!

OK, here it is, the full quilt! I have a full schedule in the next few days, so I thought I better post this now before bed.
Have a great Easter everyone, hope you get a chance to do some stitching and lots of chocolates, K

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A BOY AND A GIRL, AN ALBUM bottom border

Here is the last border, the bottom one, a few more flowers on this one.

Whilst we are on borders, most of my quilts have mitred corners. I have been told that many people don't like doing this, but, there is an easy way. In my instruction sheets in the pattern pack, I do a drawing of the finished measurement of the border, it looks something like this:

Once you have completed the applique of the borders, press well. I also suggest that prior to drawing the applique design that it might be a good idea to locate the vertical and horizontal midlines of the long strip of background and then using the sewing machine set at the longest stitich, sew on these midlines as guides. So, using these midline guides, measure and mark on the wrong side of fabric as per drawing. In this case, you would measure 66" for the side that will be attached to the centre part of the quilt. Then measure the width of the border, in ths case 12" from the line ( the 66" one) . Now you have the line for the edge of the quilt. From the vertical centreline guide, measure 45" to the right and to the left, now you have 90". If you draw a 45 degree line and connect the 66" and the 90", you will have the mitre line where you will be sewing the mitre corner. Check that angle with your ruler. Whilst you have this piece on the table, mark on the edges of the 66", 1" spacings. If you do the same on the blocks, it will help a lot with the pinning and the seaming. Another advantage is that you will be checking the measurement that the 66" is really 66", same with the blocks, you will get the 22" x 22" exactly. Then, you will also get a quilt with exact 90 degrees corners, a point that judges like to see! Once you have the corners sewn and checked, remove the excess fabric behind the mitre, continue with the applique in the corners. I would also trim the excess fabric from the 66" side. I would leave the 90" edge with the excess fabric for the quilting stage unless that side has another border. Hope this will help those who shy away from mitre corners. Let me know if you have questions, cheers, K

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A BOY AND A GIRL, AN ALBUM right border

The top border now travels down to the right. I like this border best, it has those paisley shapes. Choosing fabrics for these borders was really fun, be back tomorrow with the bottom one. Cheers, K


Yesterday, I posted the left border and now it has turned right to the top one, the elements here are different to yesterday's. Again choose the fabrics for the large leaves first, then balance the colours with the smaller motifs.

In yesterday's post, I was describing how I do my borders by taking a pic of the corner areas. Below is a photo of my border in process, it is showing the pieces in the top border, I must have started with the top one. I took the photo to remind me what fabrics I used in the corner area, so that when I get to do the left border, I wouldn't have to dig out the leaves out of the bag again.

The next photo showing the corner area of the bottom / left border. 

Is this what you are doing when cutting up? Will post the right border tomorrow, I'm going back to yesterday's and try to reply to comments, Cheers, K

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A BOY AND A GIRL, AN ALBUM left border

I've done four different borders and corners, so we won't get bored. Took a bit longer to draw, but it would be longer still if I get bored doing the same thing four times. It's like knitting a pair of socks, fun to do one half, then harder to do the second half!
Lay out the fabrics for the big leaves first on the design sheet with the background fabric under it, then choose fabrics for the smaller pieces.
I tend to cut the fabrics for the four borders at the same time. After you have ironed the freezer paper templates onto the fabrics, cut them out, then lay them back on the sheet and before you bag them away, take a photo of the area towards the corners. Now, take the next border, here, they would be the top and bottom ones. Using the previous photo you took, choose fabrics for the the borders and the corners. Try this method if you are not already doing it, it is easier than hunting for these corner area pieces in the zip lock bags. Be back tomorrow with the next border, if you have questions, I'd be happy to answer, cheers, K

Saturday, April 12, 2014


So, this is the boy and girl block, she is wearing a Lake Blossom skirt and he has Shirt Stripe fabric pants.
If you want to add dogs, cats and may be other figures in it, delete the inner leaves so you have more room. Or, this could be a wedding quilt, the figures can wear a more formal outfit like the original quilt in the 1800s. The leaves were fun to do, I used a lot of scraps. I kept the corner flowers in the same colour to unite the multiple fabrics. Be back tomorrow with one of the four borders, they are all different. K

Friday, April 11, 2014


The last of the cross spray block. I kept the smaller leaves in the red-pink and the bigger elements in the blues and green, no reason for it apart from the fact that I love the fabrics. Using 4 different colours would be grand too, try using the colours of the hearts but put it across the way. For example, in the photo, have a yellow piece where the green wavy fabric is and a purple one where the Shirtstripe fabric is. When you've chosen the colours for the big ones, the smaller leaves might be in a green or blues. Try out different combinations, after all, this is where the fun is, apart from buying fabrics! Be back tomorrow, K

Thursday, April 10, 2014


With this block, I used different colours for the horses and the birds and kept the leaves in green and the flowers in the blue-purple and red-pink. I love those Roman Glass fabrics( I think that is the name), there is one in a really strong purple and I've used it in the centre with a solid. Pretty simple.
Our daughter had horses for over 12 years when she was little and during her teenage years, she rode everyday and during that time I got to know horses a lot. They are such funny creatures and beautiful too. K