Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Garden path

I was lucky enough to nab an advance copy of  The Garden from GloriousColor,  and have gone a little different route with it.   I thought you might like to see a few of my early blocks,  just thrown up on my wall for the moment.   They will have a checkerboard sashing later on.

I'm actually doing machine applique with the blind hem stitch using mono on top and a matching thread in the bobbin (in case it shows up a tad).   I am doing a freezer paper underneath and am gluing with Rubber Cement (Sharon Pederson's technique) which works so much better than the traditional glue stick.  Then a quick stitching and voila.


  1. How gorgeous.

    My partner often reads this blog as he likes to see the colour combinations and how different our quilts look even though we work from patterns. He thought we used the exact same fabrics and our quilts were produced looking the same as the artists so i showed him the blog and he is amazed.

    I only said to him yesterday i haven't seen a black and white background fabric, its truely beautiful.

    Adele in Oz

  2. I love how the bright colors pop from the background, it is so much fun to see how different everyone's blocks are coming along. I can't wait to finish the lollipops so I can start on the Garden

  3. Your garden looks very fun to make, especially in those wonderful colors--I can hardly wait to be able to start this one too! And nice to see your background--I had been wondering how it would look on black spots--sure sets off the bright and light colors! Thanks for showing us Bobbi! Every time someone posts a different color combination, I am so thankful for this blog--such a really great idea Pam!

  4. Thats funny, I have planned to do a black and white background with this pattern too. Doesn't it look fabulous? Glad you showed it. xo

  5. now you've done it.. I must do one on black polkas too!

  6. Wow!!!
    I love how everyone has different ideas on fabric and colour choices and everyone's work is magnificent.
    Thank you for more stunning inspiration, Bobbi!!

    Thank you for this blog, Pam!!!

  7. Wow Bobbi, great blocks there! Love the black & white polka dot background. It works really well with the Kaffe prints. These blocks are fast aren't they! Fabulous!! You'll be finished soon.
    & Hi to Timothy Leary! Kim McL

  8. Wowser, you have made some lovely blocks and it's so great to see fearless use of background where it really makes a bold fun statement.I can't wait to see more blocks.

  9. Stunning AND brave!!! I LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your stitching journey. It looks SEW fun. ; )